Click to enlargeETATRACK Active 1500A
Solar Tracker increases
Energy production up to 40%

ETATRACK Active 1500A for mounting 1.5 Kw of solar pv panels.

Using a tracker increases the produced energy from your array by keeping your pv panels toward the sun as much as possible. Solar PV Panels peak in output when directed at the sun especially in early and late hours of the day. Energy is power over time, and the longer your solar PV array is pointed at the sun the more peak Power over time, the more Energy your solar pv array will produce.

Module surface of 178 ft², max power installed: 1.5 kWp, second axis: manually adjustable stepwise 0 – 50° for adjustable control over sun angle.

Solar PV panel Tracker Characteristics

Includes total solar pv module surface up to 178 ft²

Tracking Unit Characteristics:

This single-axis tracking system features a wide array of advantages for your large solar array. Use for home power net metering, or stand alone off grid home power battery charging applications. Strong and designed for tough environments this 1.5 Kw solar PV tracker is great for your larger or commercial solar power needs.

Features: adjustable angle of second axis adjustable 0 – 50° in steps of 10° elevation East-West: 90° for wide angle control. Solar PV module surface up to 65 ft².

The Maximum dimensions of mounted frames (supportive area, installation area PV modules): width: 3' 10", height: 11' 6"

The whole frame and pole: steel, hot-dip Zn-coated for excellent survivability in the field. Use for solar water pumping systems for submersible and surface pumping systems for livestock watering, well pumping, and garden and agricultural irrigation.

Great industrial solar PV panel tracker.

ETATRACK Active 1500A Solar PV Tracker for Solar PV Panel Array ETA-TRACK-A-1500ARetail Price: $3,295.00Sale Price: $3,195.00