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Solar Tracker increases
Energy up to 40%

ETATRACK Active 600 for mounting and tracking 600 Watts of solar PV panels.

Use a single axis tracker to increase the solar energy conversion from your solar module array. Solar PV Panels produce peak power when oriented and kept towards the sun. Energy is power over time; and the longer your solar PV array is pointed at the sun the more peak Power over time, and the more Energy your solar pv array will produce.

Solar Module surface of 65 ft², max power installed: c. 0.9 kWp, second axis: manually adjustable stepwise 0 – 50° for wide angle control.

Solar PV panel Tracker Characteristics:

Large solar PV module surface up to c. 65 ft², uses no failure-prone light sensor with no unnecessary tracking movements. Uses low power consumption (c. 1 kWh/year) keeping your energy demand low. Expect high reliability and life-expectancy in the field.

This single-axis solar pv tracking system offers and adjustable angle of second axis adjustable 0 – 50° in steps of 10° for great altitude control elevation East-West: 90° with Solar module surface up to c. 65 ft²

The dimensions of mounted frames (supportive area, and installation area PV modules) of: width: 3' 10", height: 11' 6"

The frame and pole: steel, hot-dip Zn-coated and screw set: steel, Zn-coated for long life.

Tracker Foundation Characteristics:

Use concrete foundation with steel reinforcement (min. 43 ft³)

This industrial strength solar PV tracker for 600 watts is great for solar water pumping, well pumping and garden irrigation projects. Use this solar tracker for off grid home power battery charging, or for grid tie net metering solar power systems. Attractive and durable this is a great solar tracker for large solar pv strings.

EtaTrack Solar PV Active 600 Solar PV tracker for Solar Modules ETA-TRACK-600Retail Price: $2,495.00Sale Price: $2,295.00