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225 Watts

Solar PV Panel Solar module rated at 225 Watts at 24 VDC.

Produce over 10 amps of battery charging current at 24 VDC with this super strong and durable solar pv panel. Rated at 225 watts this solar pv module racks into larger solar strings up to 600 VDC for solar home power net metering systems. Ideal for Solar Water pumps and Battery charging.

Solar pv panels from ET Solar such as this 225 watt pv panel are used often for remote and stand alone solar power supplies for solar water pumping systems for agriculture and livestock watering.

Combine this solar pv panel to produce larger power ratings for home power grid connected net metering using grid tie SunnyBoy net metering inverters. This 225 Solar pv panel can be combined and arrayed using Ground, Side of Pole, Top of Pole, Roof, and tracking solar mounts for increased solar output in the field.

Use for large Solar LED lighting systems with strong solar performance.

Using high efficiency advanced materials, this crystalline photovoltaic (pv) module is designed to comply with all national NEC and international quality standards. Increase the power and energy of your solar electric PV module array by using Solar Trackers. Tracking your Solar electric PV panel module array increases energy production up to 40% important for voltage sensitive applications. Solar PV Panel module arrays so deployed offer Top-Pole mounting options that make wiring much easier and increase solar outputs.

25 Year Warranty on Power Output

Dimensions: 62.2" x 31.81" x 1.57"

Solar PV Panel weight: 36 lb.

ET Solar PV Panel Solar PV Module 225 Watt Solar Panel ET-225-1Retail Price: $549.00Sale Price: $519.00