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Panel 280 Watts
Solar Module

Solar PV Panel Solar Module Rated at 280 Watts at 24 VDC.

Use this large solar pv panel rated at 280 watts for your larger solar PV projects including larger home power off grid battery charging systems. Use for large solar strings, combine up to 600 VDC for each string and combine using combiner boxes for net metering systems. Power SunnyBoy grid tie inverters for solar power systems.

Reliable and using high efficiency solar cells these crystalline photovoltaic modules are designed and built to comply with national and international quality and solar performance standards. Current matching solar cells and strong voltage production even in low light produce high power outputs for larger arrays when voltage and current production count.

Popular for Home Power off grid living using stand alone battery bank charging. Great for grid tie home power net metering systems as well as solar water pumping systems. Great voltage and current matching for high performance even in low sunlight conditions.

Features a 25 year product power production guarantee this is a high grade and well backed solar pv panel.

Mount using Ground, Side of Pole, Top of Pole, active tracking from Wattsun or Passive tracking from Zomeworks to increase the solar power and energy produced by your solar array. Excellent choice for solar water pumping systems.

Solar PV Panel Dimensions: 62.2" x 31.81" x 1.57"

Weight: 47 lb.

ET Solar PV Panel Solar Module 280 Watts Solar Module ET-280Retail Price: $629.00Sale Price: $579.00