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Solar PV Panel Module
Arrays.  2Kw Solar PV

ETATRACK Active 2000A for 2,000 watts of solar pv panel area. Use for larger solar water pumping systems, or home power off grid living where you need large power for battery bank charging. Use this 2 KW solar power array tracking mount for solar home power net metering.

Sell your solar power back to the utility.

Increases your produced solar energy from your array by maximizing its orientation toward the solar resource. Solar PV Panels have peak Power outputs when pointed at the sun as often as possible. Energy is power over time, and the longer your solar PV array is pointed at the sun the more peak Power over time, the more Energy your array will produce.

Module surface of 221 ft, max power installed: 3.6 kWp, second axis: manually adjustable stepwise 0 50 for more solar angle control in the field.

Solar Array Tracker Characteristics:

total module surface up to 221 ft no failure-prone light sensor no unnecessary tracking movements low power consumption (1 kWh/year)

Large solar PV panel arrays are used for larger solar water pumping systems for watering livestock or large agricultural irrigation projects. Use this stand alone solar power supply to charge industrial battery banks.

Foundation Characteristics:

Concrete foundation with steel reinforcement (min. 43 ft) for foundation Storage & Operating Conditions ambient temperature range: 13 F to +122 F daily average ambient humidity: max. 80 % air salinity: max. 2 g/m3, or distance from coast: min. 1 km altitude: 1,300 ft to +10,000 ft MSL for detailed description of ambient conditions for safe operation, cf. installation manual

installation manual included with purchase. Great for your home or commercial solar power plant.

ETATRACK Solar PV Tracker 2000A for Solar PV module arrays ETA-TRACK-2000-ARetail Price: $5,195.00Sale Price: $4,999.00