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ETATRACK Active 2500 large solar tracker for 2.5 Kw solar PV array.

A solar PV tracker increases solar energy production from your solar pv array dramatically. Solar PV Panels have a peak Power outputs when oriented toward the sun as often as possible. Energy is power over time, and the longer your solar PV array is pointed at the sun the more peak Power over time, the more Energy your array will produce in the field.

Solar Module surface of 290 ft, max power installed: 2.6 kWp, second axis: manually adjustable stepwise 0 50 for great control over your solar angle maximizing energy production ideal for solar water pumping, home power and off grid and grid tie net metering solar power systems.

Mount Characteristics

total solar pv module surface up to 290 ft no failure prone light sensor no unnecessary tracking movements in use low power consumption (1 kWh/year) in the field statics according to German and European standards high reliability and life-expectancy excellent serviceability in the field features cost-efficient tracking system

Ideal for Solar Water Pumping. Solar PV power your submersible deep well pumps. Solar mounting rack for Grid-tie net metering. Use for large solar arrays for high voltage interconnection.

Solar net metering needs up to 600 VDC solar strings. Wire high voltage and high amps with these industrial solar mounts.

Solar Application

Single-axis tracking system for solar PV modules* additional energy yield of up to 40 % compared to fixed installations of solar pv arrays.

Solar PV panel Tracking Unit single-axis tracking system angle of second axis adjustable 0 50 in steps of 10 elevation East-West: 90

Structural Foundation

Use concrete foundation with steel reinforcement (min. 43 ft) Storage & Operating Conditions, ambient temperature range: 13 F to +122 F, daily average ambient humidity: max. 80 %

Solar pv module clamps (cf. design): 28 sets per tracking unit for 7 PV modules fixation for optional solar PV module 5 or 10 Watts, includes two 2 sets module clamps**

installation manual included

ETATRACK Solar Module PV Tracker 2500 for Solar PV Panel array ETA-TRACK-2500Retail Price: $5,495.00Sale Price: $5,195.00