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increase energy output up to 40%

ETATRACK Active 1500A

Using a tracker increases the produced energy from your array. Solar PV Panels have a peak Power output when pointed at the sun. Energy is power over time, and the longer your solar PV array is pointed at the sun the more peak Power over time, the more Energy your array will produce.

Module surface of 180 ft², max power installed: 2.9 kWp, second axis: manually adjustable stepwise 0 – 50° keeping control of solar angle a breeze.

Tracker Characteristics:

Total module surface up to 200 ft² No failure-prone light sensor No unnecessary tracking movements in use Low power consumption (1 kWh/year) in the field Static loads according to German and European standards

Tracker Application Characteristics:

single-axis tracking system for PV modules* additional energy yield of up to 40 % compared to fixed solar pv panel deployment.

Tracking Unit system:

Single-axis tracking system, angle of second axis adjustable 0 – 50° in steps of 10° elevation East-West: 90° for great accuracy.

Solar pv module surface area up to c. 65 ft²,

Max. dimensions of mounted frames (supportive area, installation area PV modules): width: 3' 10", height: 11' 6"



concrete foundation with steel reinforcement (min. 43 ft³)

Great solar PV panel tracker for industrial and commercial solar module deployment. Strong and proven in the field.

Weight: 377 lb.

ETATRACK Solar PV Tracker H-1500 for Solar PV Panel array ETA-TRACK-H-1500Retail Price: $3,995.00Sale Price: $3,795.00