Click to enlargeEight (8) Hanwha 245 watt
Solar PV Panel Array
Ground Mount for

Solar PV Ground mount for Eight (8) Hanwha solar PV panels rated at 245 watts each. Solar PV panel arrays of 1,960 watts. Solar PV ground mounts are ideal for solar home power systems. Solar PV ground mounts for solar water pumping systems.

Ground Mount DPW Model: DP-TTRGM8-G

Solar ground mount DPW's Solar Two-Tier Ground Mounting Hardware is tough and durable made from 6061-T6 Structural Aluminum extrusions for environmental survivability and long life.

Solar PV array DP-TTRGM8 ground mount kit is designed to provide stable and durable footing and mounting for your Evergreen PV Panels.

For large solar PV array, mount eight Hanwha 245 watt Solar PV Panels on these ground mounts with adjustable legs to set the declination angle. Solar PV panel ground mounts are a cost-effective way to deploy your Solar PV modules into useful Solar PV arrays. Ideal for solar home power off grid and grid tie uses.

Number of Hanwha 245 watt Modules: 8

Weight: 137 lb.

Hanwha Solar PV 245 watt Ground Mount for Eight (8) Solar PV Panels 013-12708Retail Price: $995.00Sale Price: $975.00