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Module 110 Watts
12 Volt

Bulk Solar can save you hundreds on your Solar PV purchase.

PV solar modules made by Evergreen Solar are pretty in their appearance because they use attractive and proprietary crystalline silicon technology known as String Ribbon in their process.

These new higher power solar pv panel Spruce Modules are optimized for Grid-tie and Off grid solar energy systems. Solar PV Modules from Evergreen are light weight, robust and proven in many applications in the field. Whether you need Grid-Tie, Off-Grid stand alone, or solar water pumping applications the solid-state power production from Evergreen are well respected in the solar energy industry.

Solar pv panels made by Evergreen are Made in America, and these high quality panels are utilized worldwide for home power grid tie and off grid, solar water pumping, cathodic protection, and other applications where a well proven and robust solar pv panel is needed to build larger arrays, or used individually. Great solar battery charging panel.

Module Peak Power: 110 Watts

Length: 62.5" (1585mm)

Width: 25.7" (653mm)

Depth: 1.38" (35mm).

Weight: 28 lb.

Shipping weight: 34 lb.

Evergreen Solar PV Panel Solar Module Solar Panel 110 Watts 011-5332Retail Price: $339.00Sale Price: $319.00