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Module 180 Watts
24 Volts

Everygreen Solar PV Panel solar module rated at 180 Watts.

Solar PV modules produced by Evergreen Solar are attractive in their appearance incorporating high efficiency proprietary crystalline silicon technology known as String Ribbon. Solar PV Modules by Evergreen are proven and robust in the field and used for home power, solar water pumping, grid tie net metering, and off grid battery charging. Get more energy production from your Solar PV Modules Arrays by using active or passive tracking by keeping your Solar PV Modules directed toward the sun increasing energy. These solar pv panels can be mounted with Ground mounting kits, pole mounting and roof mounting kits.

This new higher power Spruce Modules is optimized for Grid-tie Systems.

Evergreen solar pv panels are Made in America and used worldwide for remote home power, off grid battery charging, grid tie net metering, solar water pumping, cathodic protection, and other DC loads.

Peak Rated Power: 180 Watts

Length: 61.83" (1570mm)

Width: 37.45" (951mm)

Depth: 1.6" (41mm).

Weight: 48 lbs.

Ship weight: 54 lb.

Evergreen Solar PV Panel Solar PV Module Solar Panel 180 Watts 011-5349Retail Price: $479.00Sale Price: $419.00