Filter Set for the
UV-700 Sterilizer

This Filter Set for the UV-700 UV water sterilizer system includes 20" housings.

With 5M Sediment filters to remove particulates you protect your UV water sterilizer investment. The 5M Sediment and 10M Carbon Block Cartidges includes Connection Pipe and UV and Mounting Bracket. Pressure Tested.

Remove unwanted ordors and sediments from your source water. For use with the UV-700 uv water sterilizer.

We recommend you use filters with your uv water sterilizer system. Removing sediments with a sediment filter, and odors with the carbon filter, helps protect your equipment, and provides a more positive experience.

Filters protect your equipment and keep unwanted particulates out of your water stream. Recommended for use with UV0-700 Systems.

Filter Set for the UV-700 Water Sterilizer SYS700-FSRetail Price: $250.00Sale Price: $239.00