Filter Set for
UV-1500 Water

This filter set for the UV-1500 uv Water sterilizer system includes 20" housing with 5 micron Sediment and 0.5 micron Carbon Block Cartridges filtering odors and particulates from your source water. UV filters are vital for proper UV water sterilization systems.

UV replacement Filter Set uses high-strength matrix filters. Includes Connection Pipe and Mounted Bracket. Pressure tested.

Keep your UV-1500 Water Sterilizer working for many years with proper filtration of source water.

UV water sterilizer 15 GPM replacement Filter Set.

We recommend both sediment and carbon filters with any uv water sterilization system. Filters protect your system by removing particulates, and carbon filters remove odor and any micro-contaminates present. Recommended for UV water sterilizer system model UV-1500.

Filter Set for the UV-1500 Water Sterilizer SYS1500FSRetail Price: $639.00Sale Price: $599.00