High Quality Folding
Solar PV Module
48 Watts

Folding Solar PV solar module array rated at 48 Watts DC.

When you're camping, hiking or out in the field doing research having solar energy at your finger tips may prove very useful. Global Solar has developed a light weight, robust and compact folding solar PV panel for use outdoors and for traveling in the field. This light weight solar pv folding power pack model rated at 48 watts has a 28 VDC open circuit voltage, and a short-circuit current of 3.9 Amps for excellent battery charging.

When you need serious charging power when you're out in the field, this is the best choice. Incorporating solid state, thin film, powerFLEX solar cell technology the folding solar panel P3 provides power for situations that require lightweigh, durable, silent energy independence.

Use your folding solar module to provide power resources for charging out in the field such as cell phones, lap tops and other essential personal electronics.

The weight is only 3.9 lbs. Easy to tote with your gear.

Dimensions (opened): 52" x 29" x 0.1"

Dimensions (closed): 14.5" x 8.5" x 1.4"

The Solar PV panel P3 Portable Power Pack folds easily transport and storage on your backpack and is a light-weight powerful addition to your portable solar power needs. Easily attaches to the outside of your backpack for solar battery charging while you hike. Strong manufacture and lightweight, a great outdoor solar panel.

Ship weight: 7 lb.

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