Click to enlargePackaged System for
Four (4) Skystream
Turbines with Towers

Own your own mini wind farm for Net-Metering. This package is designed to produce over 1,600 Kwh/month energy production for net-metering (at 12 mph average wind speed) and includes:

Four (4) Skystream 3.7 Land 240 VAC Wind Turbines

Four (4) 45 Foot Monopole Towers

Four (4) Foundation Bolt Kit 42"

This Wind Generator package is put together for those who need, or consume, over 1,600 Kwh of energy each month.

In wind zone locations where your average annual wind speed is greater than 12 mph, the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine is a great choice for net-metering.

This package is also designed to address larger Residential net-metering electrical grid-tie systems, but also light commercial duty.

Each Skystream 3.7 with Grid-Tie as a Single phase device.

Includes Ten (10) Hanwha PV Panels rated at 250 Watts each.

Total PV Power Rating: 2.5 Kw DC

Maximum System Voltage String PV Array: 1,000 VDC

Hanwha PV Module Model: HSL60-P6-PA-O-250T

Includes Top of Pole Mounting hardware manufactured by DPW mounted on 8" schedule 40 Pipe. Great Grid-Tie Wind and Solar PV System.

4 Wind Skystream Wind Generator Net-Metering Plus 2,500 Watts PV SKYSTM4Retail Price: $45,588.00Sale Price: $42,588.00