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IGPLUS Inverter

Net metering grid tie inverter 3,000 watts AC. Single phase output 208/240/277 VAC. Solar PV panel array voltage 230-600 VDC. Solar Grid Tie Inverter for Solar and Wind Energy Systems.

Use solar PV panels for high voltage wiring. REC Solar PV panels 245 watts 24 VDC can be wired from 230-600 VDC.

Fronius 3 Kw Inverter Version 3.0:

Solar PV Array DC Voltage: 230-600

CEC Efficiency Rating: 95.0%

AC Output Voltage 208/240/277 VAC. Fronius IG Plus V inverters offer high efficiency, intelligent thermal management, light weight and easy installation. The inverters' integrated LCD displays and records over 20 inverter and system operation parameters.

Fronius IG Plus V inverters include a lockable code-compliant DC disconnect with a built-in 6-circuit fused string combiner that can remain on the wall when the inverter is removed for servicing. The internal string combiner can accept fuses up to 20 A per circuit. Fuses sold separately (see Electrical Distribution for KLKD fuses). 2 busbars (one of each polarity) are required to bypass the internal combiner for higher current inputs, such as when an external combiner box is used.

Fronius grid tie inverters have 3 expansion slots that allow you to add external sensors, remote displays, or other options. Inverter firmware upgrades can be made using a PC or laptop. The 5kW and larger inverters have multiple power stages that can inactivate during periods of low insolation to maximize efficiency and energy harvest.

Great solar net metering grid tie inverter.

Weight: 55 lbs

Solar Grid Tie Inverter Fronius 3,000 Watt Single Phase Grid Tie Inverter 030-08481Retail Price: $2,999.00Sale Price: $2,799.00