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Pro Card

Solar Grid Tie Inverter Fronius Data Logger Pro Card. For larger data acquisition system for solar net metering.

The Datalogger Box or Datalogger Card stores the data collected from the inverters and any weather sensors, and connects to a PC or an external modem to allow you to monitor your PV system from anywhere in the world. The Datalogger Easy monitors one IG inverter. The Datalogger Pro can monitor up to 100 Fronius IG inverters. A COM card is required for each inverter monitored.

Fronius offers a full line of communication and data logging features to record system parameters and weather conditions. A COM card can be installed in each inverter to provide RS232 (9-pin serial) output and is required for any and all monitoring.

All Fronius DATCOM equipment is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Solar Grid Tie Inverter Fronius Data Logger Pro Card 030-03432Retail Price: $599.00Sale Price: $579.00