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Box for IG Inverters

Solar Grid Tie Inverter Fronius Interface Box for IG Inverters. Fronius Interface Box allows you to communicate with many Grid tie inverters. Solar PV arrays 230-600 VDC drive your Fronius net metering inverters. The Fronius interface box lets you monitor all of them, or any of them.

The Interface Box enables a user to output data into an open protocol for systems with up to 100 Fronius IG Inverters. This data is made available to third-party monitoring options. This does not replace the need for a Datalogger Box or Card. This interface offers real-time open protocol data without data storage for up to 100 inverters and 10 sensor boxes.

Interface Card Easy is able to provide data for one Fronius IG inverter without storage. Fronius IG.access Windows-compatible software is and supplied free when the Datalogger is ordered.

Solar Grid Tie Inverter Fronius Interface Box for IG Inverters 030-03440Retail Price: $579.00Sale Price: $559.00