SunFrost DC Freezer - F10

The SunFrost DC Freezer Model F10 is an excellent high efficiency freezer that increases the efficiency of your Solar PV or Wind Generator supplied system by using Direct Current instead of needing AC current. Using DC appliances saves you the electrical losses that come by converting the DC electricity into AC as most appliances need. Ideal for solar and wind battery charging systems.

Using a high efficiency DC Freezer The SunFrost F10 gives you 10 cubic feet of storage space. Easy to clean, and light weight, the SunFrost DC Freezer is ideal for remote sites where you need to freeze food or samples. This full-sized chest freezer offers the convenience of home style even in the most remote locals.

The SunFrost F-10 is a non-commercial DC powered freezer ideal for use in remote locations such as cottages, camps, cabins, or scientific outposts.

Thermostat - On / Off Indicator - Piezo Ignition - Easy access bottom drain - Silent freezing unit are some of the features

Inside Storage Space: 10 cubic feet.

Outside Dimensions: (H) 42" x (W) 46.5" x (D) 31"

Used for remote sites, and for diaster relief, the SunFrost DC freezer allows solar and wind power systems to provide energy to run this high efficiency appliance. Charge batteries with your Solar PV panels, or Wind generator and power the SunFrost DC Freezer directly from your batteries.

SunFrost DC Freezer - F10 80-2312Retail Price: $2,495.00Sale Price: $2,195.00