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EV Charging Station
with RFID

The GE DuraStation Double Pedestal EV charging station with RFID capability is a top of the line commercial EV charger. The GE Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Double Pedestal design allows two users to charge their vehicles from one pedestal station.

GE DuraStation Double Pedestal EV Charger with RFID Model: EVDRN3

As you plan and implement your EV Charging Stations consider the many advantages of a great EV charging station made by GE Energy. Especially designed for the commercial and fleet user, the GE DuraStation is a world leader in Electric Vehicle charging.

The Ultimate is the Double Pedestal enabled with RFID customer card readers. Excellent for management and performance reporting allowing you to manage multiple users and charge profiles.

The GE DuraStation line of EV Charging Stations is designed and built for heavy-duty commercial and industrial use and can be used 24/7. Elegant and durable in the field, the DuraStation can be branded by the manufacturer or a local vehicle wrap vendor to better match the vehicle or location where it is installed giving you great flexibility on your branding needs.

This EV charger is Beautifully designed, the GE DuraStation ensures safety, function, and environmental durability. And, easy for your drivers to use.

The GE DuraStation double pedestal model features a cord holder, a color-changing status lights, text display, and single-phase energy metering for advanced monitoring.

The GE DuraStation is RFID enabled and DuraStations include Ethernet connectivity, and RFID card management software for data gathering, control and system performance monitoring.

Use the RFID cards to offer your drivers real style, convenience, function and management all in an attractive and functional package.

Weight: 112 lb.

GE DuraStation Double Pedestal EV Charging Station with RFID 089-01514Retail Price: $7,495.00Sale Price: $6,995.00