Click to enlargeGE Wall Mounted 
Electric Vehicle Charger
NEMA 6-50P Plug-IN

Use the GE Wall mounted EV charging port at home or at the office to charge your own personal EV. The GE Electric Vehicle (EV) Wall Mounted Charging Station is easy to use, safe, and provides excellent charging speeds.

The GE WattStation line of EV chargers features an attractive high-concept aesthetic and a user-friendly interface that make these charging stations well-suited for residential and commercial EV charging stations.

As you design your electric vehicle charging needs GE Energy produces a high quality electric charging system that features a programmable charging profile.

The GE WattStation Wall Mount units are available with either a hardwired or NEMA 6-50P (plug-in) power input for flexibility.

The plug-in version of the wall mounted GE WattStation is recommended if there is a possibility that the charging station will need to be relocated, giving you additional flexibility where you deploy the EV charger.

Both versions are ground fault protected, and features a charge status indicator as well as power button to eliminate parasitic loads and keep the charger efficient. The Wall Mount trim and charging cable is available in blue, orange, green, red, or purple colors, please specify which color you'd like when you order.

Shipping weight: 64 lb.

GE Wall Mounted Electric Vehicle Charging Station - NEMA 6-50P Plug-In 089-01518Retail Price: $2,195.00Sale Price: $1,995.00