Click to enlargeGoSmart ChargeSPOT PS-50A 
Public Charging System

Pedestal type Electric Vehicle (EV) Public Electric Charging System for your EV.

Electric Vehicles are becoming more popular for personal and commercial use whether you're charging your personal Electric Vehicle or whether you charging a fleet. Standing electric vehicle charging ports offer consumers and users of EVs to charge up their vehicles using relatively inexpensive electricity and take advantage of the electric vehicle platform for saving money.

The GoSmart electric charging station is an excellent choice for fleet or light commercial applications and with the Pedestal design can be installed outdoors or inside. Compliant wit the strict electric vehicle charging standard SAEJ1772 the GoSmart charger is easy to use in the field and aesthetically appealing and large visual displays make it easy to direct and operate.

The stand up height makes working the cord very easy, and comfortable to use. For private and public demonstrations of electric vehicle charging the PS-50A is a great choice and preferred by many fleets. Performance, ease of use, and efficiency are important factors when choosing your electric vehicle charging station and the Pedestal PS-50A is a great choice. The PS-50A is a popular choice and is widely considered a beautiful choice for your electric vehicle charger.

GoSmart Electric Vehicle (EV) ChargeSPOT PS-50A 089-01150Retail Price: $4,595.00Sale Price: $4,195.00