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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle (EV) Electric Charging Station.

Electric Vehicle fleets for commercial and personal use are rising due to the economics of energy - Grid electricity per work done, is much less expensive than fossil fuels. The GoSmart line of electric vehicle EV charging is a popular choice in the market.

Use these charging stations for all non-fee applications, such a private fleets, companies that require electric cars. These units are 'smart grid'and can create different power levels giving you flexibility on charging speeds and rate of charge. Use the GoSmart ev chargers for an attractive charging option.

Electric vehicles require strict standards specifically SAE J1772 and all electric car charging stations sold here are compliant. Mount the RF30A and RFSOA on the wall at the height that makes the cord comfortable to unroll. These GoSmart electric vehicle chargers are pleasant to the eye, and make electric charging of your car or vehicle easy and safe.

GoSmart Electric Vehicle Charging Station RF30A 089-01030Retail Price: $3,489.00Sale Price: $3,295.00GoSmart: