Click to enlargeSerious Sea Water
Desalination filters
over 1,500 GPD

When you need serious amounts of water onsite, and all you have is sea water, then here is the desalinator for your next remote project. RO system delivers 1,500 GPD.

GenPro DESAL 1500 system is designed to efficiently purify seawater and deliver it to an atmospheric tank where the water can be drawn from by a delivery pump.

The system is powered completely by solar power (Not Included), with options to use generator or AC power. The system will be activated on/off by a float switch in the tank.

This sea water desalination RO system is capable of filtering up to 1,500 gallons of sea water per day (238 LPH). RO system is automated, on-board system control provides feed tank low, with low feed pressure. product tank level, and flush cycle capabilities. Tough unit in the field.

Features real-time reporting of all of your systems throughout the globe at the click of a mouse. Automatic reporting of system performance and cycling of flow ensures longevity of membranes. GenPro DESAL 1500 is a durable and effective RO system.

RO Water Treatment GPIV 1500 SW Water Desalinator 1,500 GPD GPIV-1500Retail Price: $9,795.00Sale Price: $9,445.00