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Effective Water treatment

When you need fresh potable water, and all around you is seawater, what can you do? Use state of the art water treatment, and generate 1,800 liters per day!

Rugged Reverse Osmosis (RO) GP SW 500 system is designed to efficiently purify seawater and deliver it to an atmospheric tank where the water can be drawn from by a delivery pump for ship, dock, island, and shore use under emergency conditions. The system will be activated on/off by a float switch in the tank or switch mounted on the outside of the case.

The system produces 0.34 GPM / 1,800 LPD of purified drinking water. High efficiency and effectiveness using combination of filters. Advanced filters give high-capacity gradient depth pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane. Filters are high rejection/low energy use. Filters composed of thin film composite, spiral wound, single pass, reverse osmosis membrane. UV system uses granular activated carbon post filter cartridges.

Excellent gear when you're going remote. Produce 500 Gallons per Day with low power demand.

RO Water Treatment SW 500 Water Desalinator Reverse Osmosis 500 GPD GP-SW-500Retail Price: $4,995.00Sale Price: $4,795.00