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Produce 10,000 Liters per Day

When you need clean fresh potable water on site in remote or brackish conditions, or lost on a desert island, water desalination equipment can make the difference.

Solar PV panel powered or DC source of electricity.

This desalination system is rugged. GP XM 2500 system is designed for field-use under emergency conditions. RO water treatment system produces 10,000 LPD (7 LPM) of purified drinking water. Combination of filters for high performance. Filters include high-capacity gradient depth pre-filter, hollow-fiber ultra-filtration membrane, and granular activated carbon post-filter for high efficiency.

RO desalination system GP XM 2500 utilizes electrical input from an external, solar-powered PV DC power source. An external, submersible pump is used to draw water from a variety of feed sources including wells or bore holes, lakes, streams or holding tanks.

Give your crew the best flexibility and safety with quality desalination gear.

Sea Water Desalination XM 2500 Water Desalinator 2,500 GPD GP-XM-2500Retail Price: $8,995.00Sale Price: $8,595.00