Click to enlargeIndustrial Solar
Water Desalination
10,000 Gallons per day

When you need industrial amounts of clean water then here is serious gear to produce the potable water you need onsite. Solar Power water treatment is a cost-effective way to get water sterilization and water treatment to remote sites.

Ideal for Emergency Response and Disaster Relief efforts where you need potable water.

The GP XP 10,000 is designed to support large-scale disaster relief efforts and humanitarian assistance efforts. With a small 1.2 m x 1.8 m x 1.5 m footprint and a weight of 1,179 kgs, this system is deployed by air, surface, and trailer deliverable to site.

It has the capacity of producing 37,500 Liters / 10,000 U.S. gal in a solar day (5 to 6 hours) with a maximum up to 37,854 Liters / 10,000 U.S. gal of micro-biologic safe drinking water per 24 hour time frame.

When you need serious amounts of clean water onsite in hostile environments this gear will pull its weight.

Sea Water Desalination XP 10,000 Solar PV Water Desalination System WYKXP-10KRetail Price: $39,569.00Sale Price: $37,199.00