Click to enlarge1,400 Gallons per Day
Water Desalinator
Solar Powered

RO sea water treatment system when you need fresh potable water in extreme conditions. RO desalination system will provide great performance in the field. Rated at 1 GPM.

Ideal for Emergency response, and disaster relief.

Solar powered RO desalination. Convert sea water into potable water at 1,440 GPD.

The GP XSS 1440 utilizes a solar PV panel power system with a backup manual hand pump and is engineered to provide microbiologic safe drinking water from any type of fresh water source (stream, lake, pond, well and/or cistern).

Solar pv powered desalination. GP XSS 1440 provides clean portable water in remote locations, disaster relief areas, and humanitarian assistance missions using a small compact portable unit. Absolutely terrific gear when you must pack your gear to the site.

RO water treatment system can produce up to 5,450 liters per day (1440 gallons) or 3.78 LPM (1.0 GPM per minute) with as little as 3 psi of water pressure. The unique design weighs only 58 kgs wet, and can be easily transported by two people.

Great for environments where the water quality is unknown or in question. Third party independent lab testing has verified the system for bacteria reduction based on EPA Clean Drinking Water standards.

Sea Water Desalination XSS 1440 Water Desalinator with Solar PV Power GP-XSS-1440Retail Price: $7,959.00Sale Price: $7,375.00