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80 Watt Solar Panel / 105 Ahr Sealed Battery
Solar PV battery inverter
Solar system

Man made and natural emergencies take power out almost immediately. Be prepared for power outages and emergencies with this Solar PV battery/inverter system.

This complete solar power system includes everything you need to deliver and sustain power outputs for electronic devices including sump pumps and personal electronics.

Excellent solar electric PV module charging system with inverter and batteries for this inverter/charger portable solar electric system. Deep cycle battery at 105 Ah is ideal when you need real power on demand in the field.

This Solar PV battery inverter system includes:

Expandable solar array 80 watts to 240 watts.

Choice of inverters True sine wave 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Advanced 15 amp PWM charge controller with LCD display

Deep cycle, sealed 105 amp-hour*Rate battery

Features new Harvest-Max™ tilt & lock system for greater versatility to direct your solar PV panel into the sun.

Fully compatible with original Harvester accessories, including Mobile Lighting and Water Purification Packages for complete utility.

Solar PV system is Silent, Portable, Sets Up in Minutes and ready to go.

Fits in the Trunk of Your Car, or back of your trunk.

Ships in 3 packages

Base unit weighs 112 lbs

Assembles/Disassembles in minutes for easy use.

Solar PV panels charging an internal deep cycle sealed maintenance free battery drives an inverter to produce hundreds of AC watts to run your electrical loads directly.

Easy Plug and Play Operation.

The Harvester Solar Electric Battery/Charger/Inverter System H03KH00Retail Price: $5,295.00Sale Price: $4,995.00Voltage: