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Rated at 245 Watts

Serious Solar PV power arrays use Hanwha rated at 245 watts..

Hanwha large solar panels for 24 VDC is rated at 245 peak watts.

Hanwha solar PV panels includes advanced manufacturing, construction, finance and consumer solar products. Hanwha’s solar subsidiaries including the advanced Q-cells, are vertically integrated from research to development. High efficiency poly-silicon, wafer and pv cell production to module assembly follows a full vertical manufacturing.

Six decades of manufacturing experience combined with vertical integration enable Hanwha to offer an industry-leading 12 year workmanship warranty to go with a 25 year linear performance guarantee. Use these industrial solar pv panels for your home power off grid battery charging system. Ideal for remote solar water pumping applications where you need strong performance even in dim lighting conditions.

The Hanwha 245 Watt 24 VDC solar pv panel model HSL 60 series use high-efficiency solar PV modules with positive power sorted (-0/+5 W) solar cells ensuring you get the power you pay for with this industrial solar panel. The black anodized frames also help give these modules a 113 psf snow load rating.

The Amphenol H4 connectors and cabling is also rated to 1,000 VDC for use with transformerless inverters and all modules are Listed to UL 1703 for the US and Canada.

Solar Panel Voltage (Peak): 29.7 V

Solar PV module Amps (Peak): 8.25 A

Solar PV panel Volts (Open Circuit): 37.2 V

Solar PV panel Amps (Short Circuit): 8.8 A

Dimensions: (Inches/mm) 65.04 x 39.37 x 1.77 (1652 x 1000 x 45)

Weight: 47 lbs

Solar pv Module Efficiency: 14%

Maximum System Voltage: 1,000 Volts

The Hanwha line of Solar PV panels and modules are designed for large power arrays and are carefully voltage and current matched. Excellent choice for home or commercial PV power systems Grid-Tie or Off-Grid applications.

Hanwha Solar PV Panel Solar Module 245 Watts Solar PV panels and Modules 011-06512Retail Price: $499.00Sale Price: $449.00