Click to enlargePlastic HDPE
Battery Enclosure
for Eight T105s

Solar and wind generator off grid home power battery box. The heart of an off grid solar and wind system is the battery bank. The fuel in your tank the battery capacity is vital. Off grid battery box for Eight (8) T105 Batteries. High protection and durable Plastic Battery Enclosures.

Battery enclosure for eight (8) T105 batteries. Combine your T105s for 12/24/48 VDC. Battery bank boxes provide protection from the harsh environment.

Solar PV panels and wind generators make excellent battery chargers. This battery enclosure is designed for the remote home power user.

Rugged and durable battery enclosures are made from HDPE plastic, the same material used to manufacture the outside cases of batteries. A removable lid with handles allows easy access to the batteries for service. Enclosures for L-16s are made with a removable middle section that minimizes lifting when installing the batteries. The plastic is acid resistant and very strong, but easy to drill with a hole saw for adding conduit fittings or battery filling tubes. The hydrogen vent fitting on the lid should be extended to the exterior of the building.

Note: No Vent

Battery Quantity: 8 - T105s

Dimensions: 32.5 x 23.5 x 17

HDPE Plastic Battery Enclosure for Eight T105s 048-04020Retail Price: $849.00Sale Price: $799.00