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Artists Conception Drawing

The Helyx Wind Turbine Technology is shown in artists conception. A large Wind Turbine is surrounded by smaller wind turbines in a pleasing and productive arrangement.

Vertical Axis Wind Generators using the Helyx technology have many advantages over "propeller" based wind turbines. The Vertical Axis design, with the specific design of the wings allow the conversion of wind energy that is both smooth and turbulent.

The Helyx technology accepts and converts wind energy from any direction into torque that rotates a permanent magnet generator producing DC electricity. Designed to withstand large wind gusts, the helyx turbine design uses an "inverse" roman arch to spread the stresses throughout the device. Impervious to chemical corrosion, salt water, and other environmental stresses the Helyx Wind Turbine is designed for the real world.

Birds and other wildlife are safe with the Helyx because it can be readily seen by these creatures who easily avoid them. is seeking qualified production for the retooling of the Helyx Wind Generator Technology for manufacturing in Oregon. If you're interested in finding out more about the Helyx technology and patent please feel free to contact

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