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Vertical Axis Turbine

The Helyx Wind Generator technology was invented by Toby Kinkaid. has acquired the original patent, and is now looking for development partners.

The Helyx wind technology is specifically designed for the Urban environment. Traditional wind generators use Propeller Blades designed to capture wind energy and drive a generator.

Traditional propeller blades have significant issues in Urban environments. Blades are designed to spin as fast a possible, in this design goal blades will produce unwanted sounds, and screeching in high wind states becoming uncomfortable for humans and animals. Further, propeller blades used for wind generators are a danger to predatory birds that have binocular vision. The spinning blades are simply out of their field of view.

The Original Helyx wind technology is designed specifically for these issues. The Helyx design has a gapping in the turbine blades that allows pressures to transfer between the blades causing the blades to be silent. Silence is golden, and in the application of wind generators, especially so.

Birds, and bats have no issues seeing the Helyx because it's always in their field of view.

Like a sail in the wind, the Helyx Vertical Axis Turbine is not only beautiful, silent in operation, but with large turbine blade area is able to capture wind at very low wind speeds, winds from various directions, and high wind speeds in all weather conditions. The Helyx Wind Technology is designed for the real world of wind conditions

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