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Available for Development has acquired the Original Helyx Wind Turbine patent. Invented by Toby Kinkaid, the Original patent provides the means of re-tooling and re-engineering the Helyx Wind Turbine for larger wind Generator ratings.

Oregon is an excellent state to develop renewable energy technologies, with Oregonians strong commitment to their environment, and their future.

The Helyx wind technology was invented in Oregon, and presents a great opportunity to generate not only useful power generation with no toxicity, but also can produce economic stimulus to produce green jobs in Oregon.

The Helyx technology was designed for the Urban environment. Special design of the Helyx wings with special gapping provide the device with a way of equalizing pressures within the turbine as it spins. This cancels out the pressure waves that make traditional wind generators very noise. The Helyx wind generator is silent, even in high winds, and this contributes to makes the technology suitable for high population and urban areas.

The helyx wind technology has a simplicity and elegance that not only results in significant efficiency in power conversion but also is pleasing to the eye making the use of Helyx very comfortable for people and public spaces.

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