Click to enlargeHelyx Wind Technology is Scalable
and can be Used for Stand Alone
Power Supplies for Lights and Utility

The Helyx Wind Technology is shown here in as an early prototype on the Oregon Coast. Helyx wind generators can be used for Kiosks and other Venues.

The Helyx wind generator technology is designed for all of the conditions of the real world. The world wind generators face is filled with high stresses from wind loading, wildlife, salt water, vibrations, and even chemical erosion.

Helyx wind technology has been designed to balance and transfer stresses through the turbine and is effective at capturing incoming wind, even wind that is turbulent, and convert that wind into rotational torque. The original Helyx wind patent, owned now by Solardyne, includes the manufacturing technique that provides strength, durability, and the manufacturing aspect of segments.

The Helyx Wind Generator patent teaches how to manufacture large Helyx wind turbines by combining individual elements that are manufactured by the piece. These elements integrate into a smooth, efficient working surface that converts the impulse of wind into work. The Helyx wind generator, with its large surface area, works as both a sail intercepting the wind, but also works as a turbine providing a clear pathway for the wind to transfer its energy, and then exit the turbine.

This all weather, all condition wind turbine technology is available for development. If you are a qualified developer looking to enter, or further expand your presence in the wind generator market we invite you to contact us.

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