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Energy Rating 900 Kwh/Month
Power Rating 5,000 Watts
Home Power System

Solar Grid Tie/Battery Solar PV system includes the main equipment necessary for off grid and/or Grid Tie Beacon Power Inverter. Large home power system is intended for net-metering where your inverter delivers solar energy in real time to your electric utility grid. Solar energy is fundamental to your home power system because of reliability, and due to the fact that the sun rises every day. Despite changes in weather, a solar PV power system is remarkably consistent in energy production throughout a year, even though there are diurnal variations in solar output.

This Home Power or Light Commercial Solar Power Plant includes the three major components: Power Converter, Power Storage, and Power Conditioning.

This system includes Twenty (20) REC Solar 250 Watt Solar PV panels 24 VDC. 25 Year Warranty.

Four (4) MK Sealed 225 Ah 12 VDC Industrial Deep Cycle Battery Banks connected in Series for 48 Volts DC Power Bus.

Beacon 5M Power Center Inverter rated at 5Kw gives UL listed reliability and delivers 5,000 Watts 120 VAC output on-demand from your battery bank, or use the battery bank as a back up and export your electricity back to the utility.

This spins your meter backward and zeros your bill, as used a Net Metering system and your load is less than your production.

This complete set includes the major components used in an Independent Power Plant. For 24 Hour energy production add a Wind Generator (not included in this kit). Wind generators and wind turbines add a great clean energy input when the sun is unavailable, or when storms decrease a daily solar input, but usually results in stronger winds.

Shipped by Truck, shipping quote available at time of purchase.

Solar PV Panel 5 Kw DC Home Power 900 Kwh/Month AC Batteries Included 30-6850SYSRetail Price: $19,997.00Sale Price: $17,750.00

Click to enlargeHawker Battery Bank 845 Ah at 48 Volts DC