Inverter Exeltech XP
125 Watts AC
48 VDC

Solar Off-Grid Stand alone 48 VDC inverter. Off grid Exceltech inverter 125 Watts AC. Single phase 120 VAC. Battery charging voltage 48 VDC.

Use two Solar REC 245 Watt PV panels at 24 VDC. Wire in series for 48 VDC battery charging. Ideal inverter for 48 VDC battery off grid systems.

AC single phase 120 VAC rated at 125 watts AC.

Exeltech XP Series inverters are the most affordable, high-performance true sine wave inverters on the market.

Exceltech off grid inverters feature sophisticated protection circuitry, making them immune from damage by overloads, short circuits, over-temperature and input polarity reversal. SP series are excellent for telecommunications, audio recording equipment, or any loads that require an excellent waveform.

One Year Warranty. Portable inverters need to be robust and strong for applications in the field. For powering your AC loads from a 48 Volt battery bank, the XP 125 watt inverter powered by 48 VDC batteries is perfect for field, boat and RV applications.

Dimensions: 4.65" x 2" x 6.75"

Weight: 2.3 lbs

Solar Off-Grid Inverter Exceltech XP 125 Watts for 48 Volt DC 030-6025Retail Price: $445.00Sale Price: $429.00