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Portland, Oregon


Founded originally in Cambridge, MA in 1991, Solardyne Corporation began as an Optics Research & Development Lab focused on increasing the output of solar photovoltaic (PV) materials.

From this research the MARIPOSA non-imaging concentrator, now in constant use at Sandia National Laboratories and Home Power Magazine (Aug/Sept. 2000) since 1994, was developed. The MARIPOSA uses optical technology to double the current (amps) produced in PV cells by doubling the suns intensity upon them. This approach uses 1/2 the semi-conductor PV cells required by traditional PV flat-plate panels, lowering real costs. The sun is an optical resource. By first operating on sunlight optically, tremendous advantages can be realized.

Establishing our E-Commerce platform in 1999, and becoming registered dealers for Siemens, Kyocera, and BP-Solarex to expand our product line. Our customers include the US ARMY, NASA, Greenpeace, Southern California Edison, Clark County Utilities, and numerous individuals and businesses in eleven countries.

Solardyne Corporation has developed the world's first Personal Utility with the Solar Power Pack.

This "Wireless Utility" uses solar power to charge a sealed battery which drives an inverter to provide AC power anywhere. Using no throw-away batteries, this solar powered utility charges the recycled battery pack and can power Laptop computers, Cameras, TV/VCRs and any other electrical appliance up to 300 watts anytime anywhere. Included jumper cables allow you to jump start your car in emergencies.

We have been featured in SOLAR TODAY (May/June), MOTHER EARTH NEWS "Littlest Utility" (July 2001), and on numerous websites such as,,, and is expanding our product line, and growing towards our IPO. If you would like more information regarding please contact Toby Kinkaid, CEO of Solardyne Corp., at, or 503-701-8773.