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Samlex 1,500 Watts AC
48 VDC

Off grid inverter for 1,500 Watts AC. Single phase 120 VAC. Battery charging voltage 48 VDC. Solar Stand Alone Inverter for 48 VDC Solar and Wind Battery Charging.

Use Solar PV panels REC Solar 245 Watts 24 VDC. Wired in series the solar PV panels (2) produce 48 VDC. Use wind generators such as Air 30, Air X, Air 40 and Air Breeze marine with 48 VDC chargers.

Samlex True Sine Wave Inverters offer the first low-cost high-quality small sine wave inverters for remote homes, RVs and boats. Excellent travel inverter.

The output is overload protected. All Samlex true sine wave inverters have AC Plugs and low battery alarms to keep you aware of system conditions..

Off grid single phase 120 VAC inverter output. NOTE: If you plan to use these inverters with Reactive loads, such as motors and compact fluorescent lights or other ballasted light, size the inverter for 4 times the continuous watts required.

Dimensions: 15.4" x 10.8" x 4.1"

Weight: 15.4 lbs

Robust and clean sine wave output. Ideal for off grid solar and wind home power systems.

Solar Off-Grid Inverter Samlex True Sine Wave 1500 Watts AC at 48 VDC 030-7148Retail Price: $1,385.00Sale Price: $1,369.00