Click to enlargeHanwha 255 watt PV Panel
Ground Mount for 
Four (4) PV Panels

Ground Mount rack for four (4) Hanwha 255 watt Solar PV panels. Ground mount racking for 1,020 watt DC PV array. Rack four (4) Hanwha Solar PV Modules for large array. Great for off-grid and grid-tie solar PV arrays. Ideal for remote solar water pumping.

Ground Mount rack DPW Model: DP-TTRGM4-G

Solar PV ground mounting rack for 4 Hanwha 255 watt solar PV panels. Solar Two-Tier Ground Mounting Hardware tough and durable onsite. Produced from 6061-T6 Structural Aluminum extrusions for harsh environments.

Ground mounting rack for solar PV panels DP-TTRGM4-G Ground Kit provides stable and durable footing. Mounting rack for four (4) Hanwha 255 watt PV panels.

Ground Mount Solar PV Panels on these ground mount racks with adjustable legs to set the tilt angle. Solar Ground mounts are a cost-effective way to mount your Solar PV modules into Solar PV arrays.

Number of Hanwha 255 watt Solar PV Modules: 4

Weight: 97 lb.

Hanwha Solar PV 255 watt Ground Mount Four (4) Hanwha Solar PV Panels 013-12704H4Retail Price: $779.00Sale Price: $749.00