Click to enlargeKyocera KD-135 Solar PV
Panel Module Tracker for
Six (6) PV Panels

Passive Solar Tracker for PV Modules

Solar PV Panel tracking with a Zomeworks Solar Tracker increases power and energy production from your Solar PV modules. Keep your Solar PV panels into the sun for dramatic energy increases.

Zomeworks Solar PV Module Tracker Model: UTRF-064

Solar PV Panel Manufacturer: Kyocera

Number of Solar PV Panels: 6

Pole Size (Schedule #40): 6"

Minimum Pole Height: 96"

Minimum Pole Depth: 48"

PV solar Zomeworks Track Rack uses no motors, gears and no controls that can fail onsite. Solar heating move liquids from side to side allowing gravity to turn the Track Rack and follow the sun directly. Great energy increase in your solar PV panels. Ideal rack for solar water pumping 12/24/36/48 VDC. Great for solar LED lighting systems for large areas and signs.

Zomeworks Universal Track Rack system allows for almost limitless adjustment in both the east-west and north-south directions. Available in five standard sizes for holding 2 to 32 modules, Universal Track Racks are designed to fit all common photovoltaic modules.

Zomeworks off-grid solar PV tracker F-Series Track Racks ship partially assembled for easy installation onsite.

Zomeworks solar PV tracker UTRF168HD comes with heavy duty rails.

Both UTRF168 Solar PV trackers come with a high-wind loading kit included.

Zomeworks PV trackers are made from Stainless-steel and zinc-plated hardware.

Warranty: 10-year standard warranty.

Shipping Weight: 177 lb.

Kyocera Solar Module PV 135 Watt Solar PV Panel Tracker (6) Solar PV Panels kykdsopvpatr5Retail Price: $2,595.00Sale Price: $2,495.00