Click to enlargeKyocera KD135 Solar
PV Tracker for
Fifteen (15) PV Panels

Wattsun Active Tracking for fifteen (15) Solar Kyocera KC135 solar PV panels. Top pole mounting solar PV tracker increases your PV array up to 50% in energy production. Ideal for remote solar home power, grid-tie solar net-metering and solar submersible water pumping.

Solar PV tracker for fifteen 135 watt 12 VDC solar PV panels.

Wattsun PV Kyocera 135 watt 12 VDC Tracker Model: AZ-225-10-KD135

Solar PV Module Manufacturer: Kyocera

Number of Solar PV Modules on solar PV tracker: 15

Wattsun PV tracking keeps your Solar PV Modules in the sun increasing the energy production dramtically.

Wattsun off-grid and grid-tie solar PV trackers use electronic sensors and actuator drives to track the sun from East to West. Trackers for off-grid and gri-tie during partly cloudy conditions, track the sun by fixing on the brightest part of the sky. Solar PV trackers capture the largest amount of sunlight on your site.

Tracker at night returns to the morning sunrise position, ready to start tracking when the sun rises again in the morning. Solar tracking can increase the PV array power production anywhere from 10 to 50 percent depending on the season and location characteristics.

Solar PV Wattsun large 15 Solar PV panel AZ-225 Trackers

The AZ-225 gear-drive, azimuth tracker is for very large arrays. Tracker holds over 2 kW of solar modules. Solar PV tracker powered by a 24VDC motor running heavy-duty ball bearing/worm-gear drive. Choose dual-axis option, for capturing the maximum amount of solar energy available.

Mount solar PV tracker on 8" Schedule 40 steel pipe, or 8" Schedule 80 pole if specified as "8"/80.

Solar PV tracker for 15 Kyocera 135 watt 12 VDC PV arrays for solar water pumping, home power and solar grid tie projects.

Weight: 167 lb.

Kyocera Solar Module 135 Watt Solar PV Panel Tracker (15) Solar PV Panels 014-07469Retail Price: $5,395.00Sale Price: $5,195.00