Kyocera KD210 Type Solar
PV Panel Side-of-Pole
Mount for One (1) PV Panel

Side Pole Mount your solar modules and solar PV panels with Side Pole rack. Side pole mount for one 210 watt Kyocera KD solar PV panel. Rack your off-grid 210 watt solar panels with strength and reliability. Ideal for solar water pumping, and solar LED lighting jobs.

Solar PV off grid Side-of-Pole Mounts from DPW are high-quality mounts well proven in the field. Off-grid solar PV Side-of-Pole mounts are a useful way to deploy your Solar PV panel Array for solar PV home power.

Side of Pole Mount Model: DP-SPM1-KD210

Number of Solar PV Modules: 1

Module Make: Kyocera

Clean Stainless-steel mounting hardware is included with each Mount. Strong Stainless-steel band clamps are included with each mount for attachment to poles. Solar PV Side pole mounts can be mounted to vertical flat surfaces as well as poles. Side of Pole mount has advantages of keeping your Solar PV panels arrayed above the ground for security. Keep your solar Kyocera 210 watt PV panel off the ground for greater solar exposure.

Off-grid solar Side of pole mounting hardware also gives better solar access to your solar panels. Side pole mounts for large 210 watt 24 VDC panel ideal for solar PV battery charging 24 VDC.

Weight: 37 lb.

Kyocera Solar PV Panel KD210 Solar PV Panel Side-of-Pole Mount (1) PV Panel kykdtysopvpa3Retail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $379.00