Kyocera KD235 Type Solar
PV Module Side-of-Pole
Mounting Hardware
for Two (2) PV Panels

Side pole mount for two (2) Solar PV Panels. Side Pole Mount for Kyocera 235 watt 24 VDC solar PV panel. Off-grid solar side pole PV mount up to 470 watts DC solar PV array. Ideal off-grid pole mount for side pole mounting hardware. Solar water pumping at 24/48 VDC. Solar battery charging 24/48 VDC.

Solar Side-of-Pole Mounts allow you to wire your Kyocera 235 watt 24 VDC panels in series or parallel. Increase your voltage with solar PV series wiring. Solar Side-of-Pole mounts are strong and dependable for your Kyocera 470 watt Solar PV panel Array.

Solar Side Pole Mount Kit Model: DP-SPM2-KD235

Number of Kyocera 235 watt 24 VDC Solar PV Modules: 2

Module Make: Kyocera

Side pole mounting kit includes Stainless-steel mounting hardware. Very strong Stainless-steel band clamps are included with each mount for side pole mount attachment to poles.

Off-grid solar side pole mounts can mount to vertical flat surfaces, as well as side poles.

Off-grid solar PV Side of Pole mount deploys your panels above the ground. Side pole mounting is easy to install and wire solar PV panels. Ideal for remote solar PV battery charging. Solar PV water pumps 24/48 VDC. Grid-tie solar PV arrays for solar net metering.

Solar PV Side of pole mounting hardware keeps your solar PV panels safe. Side pole mounting kit for two (2) 235 watt 24 VDC solar PV panels.

Weight: 107 lb.

Kyocera Solar PV 235 Watt Solar PV Panel Side-of-Pole Mount (2) PV Panels 013-11602Retail Price: $799.00Sale Price: $779.00