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LED replacement Bulbs

Replacement LED lamps for replacing your old style incandescent bulbs with high efficiency long-lived LED lamps.

Save money with fewer replacements using long life high intensity high-efficiency LED bulbs.

LED (light-emmitting diode) high-efficiency lighting is a state of the art lighting technology which creates more light with less energy demand. High intensity LED lights available for a wide variety of applications including bulbs, are lights, floodlights, street lamps, industrial lights, garden lights, grow lights, underwater lights, spotlights, track lights and more.

High efficiency LED Shine 360 brand replacement bulbs.

These LED bulbs all offer the following benefits:

Energy Efficiency with low energy draw 6, or 8 watts

Long life,

No mercury, lead or hazardous materials,

No UV or infrared emitted light,

Durable and vibration resistant for long life in the field.

Instant on, no warm up time. Excellent choice for lowering your energy demand for lighting, and these LED lights are rated for nearly 60,000 hours of run time.

Solar LED Shine 360 High Efficiency LED Bulbs LED360-8-6Retail Price: $19.95Sale Price: $17.95