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Residential Electric Vehicle
Charging Station

Charge your home powered electric vehicle with the Leviton EVR-Green charger. This Electric Vehicle (EV) Electric Residential Charging System is designed for safety and ease of use.

Use the Leviton EVR green charging stations to quickly and safely charge any SAEJ1772 compatible EV right at home in your garage. Small and easily mounted to a wall.The mounting system can allow a do-it- yourself person to install if they are using a cord connected application - very easy to install. EV charging stations for the residence allow you to charge up your EV overnight and be able to reach reasonable (200 mile) distances per daily charge, depending on the EV you have giving your the power over traditional fuels and fuel cost variations.

EV charges use inexpensive grid electricity to power your EV for the lowest cost of energy available, or you can build your own solar power station power supply using a solar PV panel array, mounting hardware, a charge controller and battery array. Connect a 120 VAC 60Hz inverter to your battery charging system and plug in your Leviton EVR charger. You're now ready to be absolutely energy independent.

Safe and fast the Leviton Evr-green electric vehicle charging station is a great choice for residential environments. Mounted on the wall off the ground, the height of mounting can be chosen to make the extension of the cord comfortable, safe and easy to use.

Home based electric chargers are emerging rapidly in the electric vehicle market. Adding great flexibility more and more municipalities are seeing the pairing of electric vehicle chargers at home, and at the office, or supermarket make sense for a total charging scenario. There is a transportation evolution happening and your Leviton EVR Green EV charger is a great choice for your personal ev charging needs.

Leviton EVR-Green Residential Charging Stations 089-03160Retail Price: $4,795.00Sale Price: $4,569.00