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Rated at 255 Watts
24 VDC Grid Tie
Battery Charging

Industrial LG Solar Mono-X Series Modules™ Solar PV Panel Module rated at 255 Watts at 24 VDC.

Solar PV panel for Grid-Tie applications. Wire in series up to 600 VDC. SunnyBoy grid tie inverters love this solar pv panel. Combine for large solar strings and combine with a combiner box. Build solar net-metering applications to hundreds of Kw. Large solar water pumping for submersible deep wells need solar power. LG's industrial solar PV panel is ideal for larger loads.

This large scale industrial solar panel is designed to be arrayed for large solar power strings. At 24 VDC each, these large solar panels minimize solar module interconnection by lowering the number of wiring connections you need for your large array. Wire in series up to 600 VDC for home power net metering systems where you sell solar generated electricity back to the grid.

Mount with large array ground mounts, Top of Pole mounts, and especially well designed for tracking. Keep your solar pv panels directed into the sun throughout the day for maximum power and energy production.

LG Solar PV panels are used world wide for grid tie, off grid commercial and home power systems usually over 1 Kw.

Solar Panel Volts (Peak): 30.00 V

Solar Panel Amps (Peak) 8.50 A

Solar Panel Volts (Open Circuit): 37.2 V

Solar Panel Amps (Short Circuit): 8.85 A

Module Dimensions: (Inches/mm) 64.25 x 38.82 x 1.65 (1632 x 96 x 42)

Weight: 42 lbs.

The LG Solar PV panel rated at 255 watts.

UL 1703 Listing, LG pv panel Mono-X modules exceed stringent global IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards. Meets NEC 2008 code requirements for use with transformerless inverters for grid tie net metering.

Great Warranty

LG Solar PV panel Mono-X modules carry 10-year craftsmanship warranty and 25-year power production warranty that guarantees 90% power for the first 12 years and 80% until year 25. This is a great choice for your industrial solar project.

LG Solar PV Panel Solar Module 255 Watts Solar PV Module 24 VDC 011-00205Retail Price: $539.00Sale Price: $449.00