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Rated at 260 Watts
24 VDC High Power

LG Mono-X Series Modules™ Solar PV Panel rated at 260 Watts at 24 VDC.

Industrial solar panel for Off-grid and Grid-tie solar PV power systems. Designed for high-voltage DC bus, this high-efficiency solar PV module is designed for interconnection.

Solar Net-metering systems often require solar "strings" to carry up to 600 VDC. Easy to combine using Combiner Boxes with other solar strings for truly large solar power.

Solar Water Pumping systems use these large Solar PV panels for their high-performance. High sun and low sun conditions require current match solar cells.

Large solar arrays need large solar panels to minimize interconnection and for superior current matching in the field. Use these large 260 watt solar pv panels for your home power or large water pumping system. Use these solar pv modules for large solar arrays for Off grid and grid tie net metering.

LG Solar brings decades of manufacturing experience to their solar electric products. Using high efficiency Mono-X Series solar cells modules that feature exceptional power density, high strength and attractive glossy black frames. Mount with Top Pole, Ground, Roof and Tracking arrays to increase the energy production of your solar array. Use with SunnyBoy grid tie inverters to produce reliable power output.

Solar Panel Volts (Peak): 30.1 V

Solar Panel Amps (Peak) 8.64 A

Solar Panel Volts (Open Circuit): 37.2 V

Solar Panel Amps (Short Circuit): 8.94 A

Dimensions: (Inches/mm) 64.25 x 38.82 x 1.65 (1632 x 96 x 42)

Solar Module Weight: 42 lbs.

Production Standards

Meets US required UL 1703 Listing, LG Mono-X modules meets global IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards and the NEC 2008 code requirements for use with transformerless inverters in the USA.

25 Year Warranty

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