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into your Home or Office
Tubular Skylights

Natural Light Tube Skylights captures natural sunlight and "pipes" that sunlight inside your structure. The advantages includes energy savings and the extra benefit of bringing natural sunlight, that has a proven psychological and physiological benefit on people.

Bring natural sunlight into your home. This lighting tube brings natural direct and diffuse sunlight directed into your deepest rooms.

The dome is constructed of high impact modified acrylic. Considerably stronger than regular acrylic, it easily withstands wide temperature variations.

This material is UV stabilized, absorbing 99% of UV-rays while maintaining optic clarity, and transmissivity.

The Light Pipe is easily trimmed during installation for a perfect fit. The Trim Ring is seamless aluminum. Powder coated for durability, it will blend into any decor.

10" Model size, Coverage area: 150 Sq. Feet. Equivalent to 300 Watt bulb. Maximum tube length 18" Specify a Flat or Pitched Roof.

25 Year Warranty.

Light Tube Skylight Natural Light in your Space 10" Model 67-1011Retail Price: $349.00Sale Price: $329.00Roof::