Click to enlargeLORENTZ 50 Watt
Solar PV Panel

Choosing your solar PV panel is important. The Lorentz LC-Series of PV modules equipped with monocrystalline high efficiency silicon solar cells offer high conversion efficiency and performance in the field. Manufactured with advanced laminate technology this solar pv panel is ideal for solar battery charing for off grid systems, or combined as a solar pv array from grid tie net metering and home power.

This solar PV panel is built to industry high manufacturing standards, and is proven in thousands of locations worldwide.

The low voltage-temperature coefficient of this solar pv panel rated at 50 Watts guarantees a great battery charging performance, even at high operating temperatures, useful if you have a hot climate at your solar battery charging location.

The Solar PV panels from Lorentz are exceptional in low-light performance and reliably delivers solar energy in all weather conditions from the tropics to the mountains.

This solar pv panel features pass diodes to minimize the power drop caused by shade with high reliability and productivity.

Warranty: 2 years

Performance guarantee for field performance up to 5 years (90% power output) rating

The Lorentz LA30-12S meets the requirements for IEC and CE.

Weight: 18 lb.

Lorentz Solar PV Panel Solar Module LC50 50 Watts LZ-LC50Retail Price: $279.00Sale Price: $239.00