Click to enlargeLorentz 80 Watt
Solar PV Panel

Solar PV Panel Solar Module rated at 80 Watts for solar battery charging, and solar water pumping systems.

The Lorentz LC solar pv panels are designed for tough working conditions and are robust. Tough built, the Lorentz Solar PV panels are an excellent choice when reliability matters and you have high temperature locations. This is a robust Solar PV module that has a proven track record in the field, and has been used worldwide for years.

The Lorentz Solar LC-Series of PV panels are made with high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells and produce high conversion efficiency in extreme environments due to the unique backcontact technology used on all solar modules by Lorentz.

This Lorentz 80 Watt solar PV panel works great even in low-light conditions with broad spectral response to boost output. Great year round energy production for use in home power systems from the tropics, deserts, urban environments as well as mountains.

Use these modules to run accessory pumps and other electrical loads that compliment your Solar PV Panel, wind generator, or solar water pumping applications.

Weight: 22 lb.

Lorentz Solar PV Panel Solar Module 80 Watts LC80 LC80Retail Price: $329.00Sale Price: $279.00